Pure Water Production Line
The pure water production line can carry out washing filling and capping in one machine.can be attached to RO water treatment,labeling machine,shrink packing machine,according to customers’ request.
The pure water production line is very convenient to change diverse sizes of bottles by means of advanced bottle neck clamping & bottle suspending technology.
PLC control, touch screen operation. Working speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion device.
Monoblock pure water production line is designed to simplify your bottling line, by combining multiple machine into a single space saving unit. Saving much cost and space, also in good appearance .it’s very important to make machine with the most advanced cost effective technology ,for a suitable process for filling and capping.
This pure water production line is ideal for filling light liquids. The capping options include threaded caps of all materials, diameters, and heights including sport caps. Caps elevator is used for sorting the caps a continuous system is used in the rinsing, filling and capping process,so that the production will be in fully enclosed safety interlocked chamber.

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