Explosion proof filling machine
Paixie is one of the toppest explosion proof motor,disinfectant spray liquid,spraying in China.During these years of exporting , Paixie now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
The automatic spray filling line  has three functions, that is, It can complete filling, sealing and charging at one machine, 3in1.
This automatic spray filling line has the function that it can get bottles automatically and will fill when there is a bottle and will not stop filling when there is not a bottle.
The automatic spray filling line  can be equipped with a protecting cover and checking, explosion proof motor,drop installation and lock the charging installation according to client’s requirements.
1.Save manpower, Cover small area.
2.Microcomputer setting, PLC control, touch screen operation, it is high automated, easy to operate
3.The equipment has low investing cost with high output.
4.Filling, Sealing and Charging are a trinity.

Description Data
Filling nozzles 1/2/4
Packing materials Plastic and glass bottle
Filling capacity 10-120 ml
Filling precision ≤± 1%
Filling speed 10-60  pcs/min
Eligibility rate of inside tuck and outside tuck ≥99%
Air supply 0.6Mpa 0.6m³/min
Language choice(Touch screen) English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French,  Italian,  Korean, can be customized.
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