Jam filling and cooling machine

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1.Bottleneck location device: the device use to fix the position of the bottleneck when it comes
from the conveyor.
2.Three steps filling:Different filling volume can be set individually for lower part, middle part and
upper part.
3.Rotary valave design:It is suitable for viscous liquid or sauce filling. The rotary valve is also used
for micro-adjustment for each nozzles.
4.The shrinking tunnel is high energy efficiency, and can use the electric heating and steam heating
5.Liquid detector:there will be a hopper on the filling machine, you can pump the materiel into
hopper, then it will start filling. And there is liquid detector, when there is too much liquid pump
into the hopper,it will stop pumping automatically when there is little materiel ,it will pump the
materiel automatically.

Main Technology Parameters:

Filling material coconut oil,chili sauce, paste, jam, peanut butter etc.
Filling nozzle Customized according to customer samples
Filling volume Customized according to customer samples
Filling way Piston pump
Filling speed Customized according to customer samples
Filling precision ±1%
Air consumption 0.6~0.8MPa
Power 220/380v  50/60Hz (can be customized)
Power 1.2Kw

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