glass dropper bottle filling capping 2in1 machine

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Product Description:  
This machine can be ideally suited to automatically bottle dispense,liquid filling into
the small bottles,then dropper putting and capping.The system aseptically and precisely
fills liquid to small bottles.An optional diving nozzle mechanism plunges the filling
nozzles into the container for increased production speeds without splashing,and we
can produce the different filing nozzles&capping heads for your different speed

Main Technology Parameters:
Description data
Filling nozzles 1(customized)
Outside cap capping nozzle 1(customized)
Filling capacity 5-10 ml(customized)
Filling precision ≤± 1%
Filling speed 15-35 b/m(customized)
Eligibility rate of inside tuck and outside tuck ≥99%
Air pressure 0.6Mpa

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