• In October 2016
    Credit line to reach 249,000 US dollars.
  • In July 2016
    Participate in Alibaba, won the second place.
  • In April 2016
    Paixie registration the LOGO.
  • In March 2016
    Paixie Registered trademark.
  • In November 2015
    Paixie cooperated with University of Shanghai Science and Technology.
  • In September 2015
    Paixie obtained the ISO9001 certificate.
  • In August 2015
    We got the Certificate of Utility.
  • In July 2015
    Paixie Obtained the Verification Certificate.
  • In April 2015
    Paixie opened the Trade Assurance on Alibaba.
  • In March 2015
    Paixie opened the Hongkong bank account for foreign currency.
  • In February 2015
    Our company got the Registration Form For Foreign Trade manager.
  • In January 2015
    We launching our Mobile APP to provide our customers with better after sales service.
  • In October 2014
    Paixie got the newest CE certificate.
  • In July 2014
    Paixie moved to the new factory in Suzhou.
  • In April 2014
    Paixie researched a new technology for e liquid filing machine with inner stopper putting side the side.
  • In December 2013
    Our engineer made a new filling machine with two lines bottles feeding.
  • In August 2013
    Paixie researched a new e liquid filling machine that can handle both glass and plastic bottle.
  • In May 2013
    Paixie got the CE certificate.
  • In October 2012
    Our engineers decided to improved our machine with the attaching marks on machine.
  • In March 2012
    Paixie registered in Alibaba and republiced the website http://paixiepack.en.alibaba.com
  • In May 2010
    Paixie Packing Machinery CO.,LTD was established as a manufactring enterprise.
  • In August 2010
    The official website of Paixie www.paixiepack.com was establised.
  • In February 2011
    We researched the servo motor and applied it on our filling machines.
  • In September 2011
    Our engineer developed the filling machine with counting function.

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