University of Shanghai for Science and Technology has more than one hundred history, with 18 colleges, 1 teaching, 30 research institutes, 12 research centers and 4 research institutes.
The main field of the cooperative research of Shanghai Paixie Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology are:
1.The flexibility of measure,with combination of electronic scales, computer function scale, screw, piston pump, screw pump, servo pump, cups and other several methods of measurement on a device.
2, the flexibility of the application.
3, the complete sets of mechanical equipment and supporting. If only consider the production of the main machine,without supporting equipment, will make the machine lose functions it should have.
4, design with advanced technology, widely adopt advanced design methods and technology, computer simulation technology, etc.
5, wide applications of manipulator/ Internet of things / Internet in the automatic production line
CNC machining center
It is one of the most widely used and highest yield CNC machine tools in the world. It's strong in comprehensive processing ability, a workpiece after clamping can complete more processing , high precision, especially it can accomplish processing that many common devices cannot do, it’s ideal for producing one-piece or small batch of many varieties of which the shape is more complex and requested a high precision .

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